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Sales policy

Notre solution de Capacity Management se distingue par son architecture agentless qui permet de collecter tout type de données et qui garantit une mise en œuvre très rapide (quelques jours seulement).

Our portfolio can be either purchased on operating costs budgets (annual subscription) or in capital expenditure budgets (perpetual license).

On both cases, licenses can either be hosted in SaaS mode in a cloud architecture or on premise on clients site.  Whichever the adopted solution, our services remain the same.

They include:

  •   Correction of bugs
  •   Upgrades
  •  Maintenance in operational conditions
    •  Incident management (data collection, processing and publication)
    •  Dashboard publication guarantee
  •  Change requests
  • Evolutions both of functionalities and new dashboard creation

Hence, we don’t just sell a product, but a flexible and scalable solution serving your needs (it is the solutions that adapts itself to your needs and not the contrary) for which we ensure the operational readiness and guarantee dashboard publication.

These solutions only require very few resources at our customers whom can concentrate on analysis and decision making.

We sell our solution directly because we believe that customer needs proximity is key to the adequacy of our product with market evolution, prerequisite to our company’s sustainability

However, in order to cope with increasing market demand, we are laying out an indirect sales policy for partners which relies upon partners with sales strategy coherent with our positioning and that are above all in a position to provide a high-quality service, reason for which we have developed a certification scheme.


Licence price is based on raw capacity whatever the technology and number of sites, it is therefore the total raw capacity of all sites for which dashboards will be published with the exception of

  • VTL type arrays
  • Backup arrays images of the production arrays

We believed that raw capacity is a significant common denominator because typically it reflects the perimeter of an architecture.


The price of licenses is fix and identical whatever the clients infrastructure size because the number of assets as no impact on the workload of our In Service Support teams, unlike the number of components in the Capacity Management portal.

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