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Complementary services

To accompany you in the analysis of indicators and to enable you to make the most of our solutions, we … Continue reading "Complementary services"

To accompany you in the analysis of indicators and to enable you to make the most of our solutions, we propose to set up complementary services working closely with your capacity manager.

These services can be provided and carried out on-site with workshops intended to facilitate the progress plan or through detailed report generation.

Monthly reports

We propose to write a monthly report in order to highlight potential areas of improvement and to anticipate technical risks.

This monthly report is divided in four main parts for each technical platform

  •  Presentation of key numbers and gap analysis
    •  Identification of anomalies and inconsistencies
    •  Repository data quality validation in respect with rules and classifications
    •  Repository rate of completeness (data cross check)
  •  Technical risks identification
    •  Saturated components and volumes
  •  Identification of costs savings
    •  Oversized components and volumes
  •  Analysis and evolution of alarms

This monthly report may be subject to a technical working meeting with each technical manager in order to analyse figures and talk in terms of concrete action plans.

It should be noted that the report generation and /or the technical working meetings can be done by the client’s Capacity Manager.

Periodical meetings

We also propose to hold a periodical meeting in the form of a viva voce which will synthesize and summarize monthly reports of which the objectives are to:

  • Recommend and document actions plans to measure contributions
  • Analyse projection curves to
    • Analyse important variations in order to identify if they are due to an unusual event or a new tendency
    • Identify and anticipate needs or defer certain investments
  • Take into account new projects to anticipate their impact and facilitate change management
  • Benchmark your architecture with the market

This quarterly report will be subject to viva voce, one with management and one with each of the technical managers.

During these viva voce, we shall of course address the possible requirements to:

  • Adapt dashboards to the evolution of infrastructures and functional requirements (new components and new functionalities of an existing component)
  • Change alarms thresholds, filters and exclusions of dynamic dashboards

These viva voces will also be the opportunity to update comments in the portal to facilitate dashboard comprehension and explain variation over time.

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